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The Soulstone Prophecy Series is ultimately a character driven fantasy about restoring balance. I wrote it to be accessible to young adults, but still be able to hold an adult’s attention. There is world building, so it could be classified as Epic Fiction, but it is really the characters I tried to focus on, though the world of Allwyn is, at her heart, a character in her own right. It is looking like it’s going to take three books to tell the main story arc of Ghile and his companions.

Warning: There are spoilers in the brief summaries

CRADLE OF THE GODSCradle of the Gods is my first novel and the first book in the Soulstone Prophecy series. It was release January 2014.

The story begins with a young human named Ghile who lives on the edge of the Dwarven empire in a small human settlement known as the Cradle of the Gods. Ghile prepares for his upcoming manhood test and first Rite of Attrition; A rite used by his dwarf overseers to cull those humans who show signs of being potential vessels for an insane god’s return. In book one, events thrust Ghile into the Soulstone Prophecy and mark him as stonechosen and one of those very vessels the dwarves fear.

Here are some example chapters  from the book, along with a complete synopsis.


Time of the Stonchosen is the second installment in the Soulstone Prophecy series. It was released in February 2016.

The story picks up where book one left off. Ghile and his companions, fearing further retribution against his family and hamlet, flee the Cradle of the Gods. Called by his visions of the Gray Lady, Ghile travels to Dagbar’s Freehold in hopes of learning the location of the Fallen City somewhere in the heart of the Deepwood, home to the Children of Islmur, the fabled Elves. Meanwhile, Knight Justice Finngyr returns to the mountain city of Daomount to report of his discovery of a stonechosen and try to discern Ghile’s next move.

Here are some example chapters  from the book.

Time of the Stonechosen (The Soulstone Prophecy Book 2)


Tomb of the Fallen is the third installment in the Soulstone Prophecy series.  I’m hoping for a late 2017 release.

With four soulstones in his possession and four in the possession of the Nordlah barbarian, Growling Bear, Ghile must decide whether to pursue the ninth and final soulstone or confront Growling Bear who is attacking the Cradle of the Gods to draw Ghile out. Meanwhile, the dwarves of the northern empire prepare to face the largest assault from the humans they have seen since the times of the Great Purge. Time is running out for Ghile to acquire the soulstones he needs to open Haurtu’s prison and confront the mad god intent on destroying all humankind.

Here are some example chapters from book.


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