A walk through the Cradle


Yesterday I took some of my scouts on the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge. The challenge comes in when you try to complete the walk in under twelve hours. Follow the link for the details on the hike.

The reason I’m including this on my blog, is it reminded me where a lot of my inspiration for descriptions of the Cradle in my book came from. It made me realize how much information we take in as we go about our lives and don’t even realize it. At least not until we stop and start digging around in there looking for something.

One of the comments about “The Cradle of the Gods” mentions “hints of Highlander”. I’m not sure if he was referring to the part played by the soulstones or the setting, but if it was the setting and it made him think of the film Highlander, he was not far off.

Yorkshire Dales Yorkshire Dales#2