The Perfect Pitch!

You know, it’s funny. You tell yourself, “I’m going to write a book.” You never tell yourself, “I’m going to write a book and then spend all my free time learning how to market it.” There is a lot of advice out there on selling your book. I’m attending the first London Author Fair next week and was lucky enough to land one of the coveted PitchUp slots. I’ll get fifteen minutes to pitch my book to a literary agent. No pressure. So on come the pages (and pages) of advice on how to write a killer cover letter, the perfect pitch, and the succinct, yet oh so deep, summary page. All the while, all I want to write is the next chapter in book two, Time of the Stonechosen. First world problems, huh? Well, I thought I would share my 300 word pitch for Cradle of the Gods. Let me know what you think.

“A thousand years ago, a war among the gods nearly tore the world of Allwyn asunder. Haurtu, god of learning and wisdom, turned on his fellow gods and tried to consume them. It was only by combining their powers that the gods were able to defeat and imprison Haurtu.

But a prophecy was discovered in sacred dwarven texts. Haurtu would return and finish what he began. It was written in the Book of Hjurl, “through his creations, his links to Allwyn, the Hungerer would return.” Of all his creations, it was the humans who were most numerous. It was humans who were most prized by Haurtu. The God Wars were over and the Great Purge began.

Now humans are almost extinct. Dwarven overseers test their human charges each year, looking for signs of the Hungerer’s return. Those humans who fail the Rite of Attrition are culled from the population for the good of all.

In time, truths became history, history became myths. Those humans who survive until today know little of the God War and the time of the Great Purge. Their simple life and subjugation at the hands of the dwarves is accepted by most as their lot in life, a necessary evil to protect them from themselves.

In a small hamlet in one of the outlying human settlements, on the edges of a great dwarven empire, Ghile, an awkward young sheepherder, prepares to take his manhood test and his first Rite of Attrition.

But a visit by a sorcerer and his apprentice triggers a series of events which thrust Ghile into the Soulstone Prophecy. Some will come to his aid, while others will seek his demise. For Ghile to survive, he must fulfill the prophecy and release an insane god. The time of the stonechosen has come.”

New Cover Design for The Cradle of the Gods!


New Cover Design for The Cradle of the Gods!

The new cover for The Cradle of the Gods is done! I’m very happy with the way it turned out. A big thank you for the cover design by Jess Stutheit. Check out her work at Email address is She will also be creating the full cover for the hard copy release in November, She is even going to do a bookmark design for the upcoming Thought Bubble Festival  on the 23-24 November in Leeds.

I have also included a pronunciation guide in the back of the book. I am not too bothered by how someone pronounces the main character’s names, but I had quite a few people ask how I pronounced Ghile. So, in it goes!

Let me know what you think about the new cover!