Back at it! Working on book three, Tomb of the Fallen!

Well, I’m back in the zone and plugging away at what will be the third and final book in the Soulstone Prophecy series, Tomb of the Fallen. <Crowd goes wild!>

After completing book two, Time of the Stonechosen back in late February, I took a well earned break and tore the shrink wrap off Fallout 4. The game had been mocking me for a while and I promised to lose myself in it as a reward for completing the second book. Man was it worth it. What a great game! Bethesda does not disappoint.

For those who are curious and have played the game, I sided with the Railroad and the Minutemen. I had no issue taking on the Brotherhood of Steel, but wished there could have been a different way of dealing with the Institute. Oh, and Piper and me are a thing, just saying…

Anywho, with my gaming fix sated and controller stored away, it is time to take the story of Ghile Stonechosen to its completion. Instead of just dropping of the grid for the next year, I thought I would come up for air every now and again to throw a post on my blog about where I’m at in the writing process.

Now as a Plotter, the first thing I do is review all my previous work and start jotting down ideas that pop up as I read. This helps refresh everything in my head and get the creative juices flowing. I also write down any conflicts I’ve created and make sure I’ve resolved them. If not, then they get written down as scenes so I remember to resolve them in this book. I don’t want to break any contracts I’ve made with the reader and introducing a conflict and not resolving it at some point is a big no-no.

Next, I start writing down each of my characters and what their motivations are. This helps remind me why they are doing what they are doing and see things through their eyes. As I’m doing this, I’m writing down more scenes as they come to me. For example, What is going on with the sudden love interest between Gaidel and Riff? One second they hate each other then one near death experience later… So, definitely have to remember to explain that.

At this point, I start ordering scenes, post it notes are great for this, and start filling in the blanks. How does Ghile get from here to there? Insert scene. What is going to motivate Finngyr to do this next? Insert scene. Before long I have a timeline. I need a battle scene here and here. Insert. Insert.

That is where I’m at now, laying out the timeline, discovering the plot and defining the beginning, middle, and end of the book.

It is great to be back in my recliner with my feet up, laptop and coffee before me, creating more of Allwyn to share with you! I’ll keep you posted.

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