Exciting News!

creativiaWith August’s arrival, it completes a full year since I took the plunge and self published The Cradle of the Gods. What an exciting experience and I have learned a lot through the process. After a few months of heavy marketing, some good reviews and decent sales, I returned to what I enjoyed most, writing.

I hoped to have the second book, The Time of the Stonechosen, out by now, but like most stuff in life, things never work out quite the way you imagined. The good news is I’m shoulder deep in writing the second book and loving it. The better news is I can now spend even more time on finishing it! I have signed with Creativia, a small publishing company, and turned over all the time consuming marketing stuff. Miika Hannila and the rest of the great people at Creativia are in the process of taking TCotGs and giving it a shiny makeover.

I have discovered that I am not alone on this weird wacky writing roller-coaster, there is an entire gang of even weirder wackier writers sharing their writing through Creativia and now I get to be one of them!

I’m excited. You excited?


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