Does Size Matter?

Well, “The Cradle of the Gods” has been out for three weeks and I have to say I’m really surprised at how well it has been received. I have sold over a 100 copies in the US alone and have received pretty favorable reviews, thus far. Not bad for a newbie doing this all on my own. The goal I set for myself when I decided to take the plunge and self publish was to have just one person I didn’t know read it and tell me they liked it. Mission accomplished.

Self publishing was not my first choice. Like most closeted writers, I have dreams of having an agent and a publishing house waiting with bated breath for my next series installment. I read through the numerous books and blogs out there on submitting your manuscript and they all generally said the same thing. “If your going to submit fantasy fiction it needs to be a minimum of 80,000 words”.


The Cradle of the Gods finished out at just under 60,000 words. But the portion of my story that takes place in the Cradle was finished, I told myself. I reached where I wanted for the first book.  I’m already working on the second! Double poop!

I thought about adding in padding chapters, but at the time, my heart wasn’t in it. And if there is one thing I took away from all the “How to Write” books I spent all those evenings attacking with a highlighter, it was if you don’t believe it, your readers certainly will not. So, I decided to self publish.

It has been noticed. Some have commented on the story only topping out at around 220 pages. They are not wrong. But, full steam ahead. I am in the process of having a new cover designed for the hard copy release in November when my KDP Select contract runs out with Amazon. I plan to add a glossary, a pronunciation guide and even got inspired to add a couple of early chapters that further develop the relationship between Ghile and his Uncle Toren.

But in the end, I feel I wrote a complete and compelling character driven story that just happened to finish a little short of the norm for its genre. But, I’m still proud of the little fella non-the-less.

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